About Us

Central Never Busy International Ministry began in the early seventies where Pastor Alma Thompson  began her charity in Birmingham, England.

In those days, Pastor A Thompson was routinley filling barrells and shipping them to the carribean. These barrells were then distributed amongst the needy i.e:

Children, widows, and the elderly.  This is where it all began.  Since then Pastor A Thompson has gone on to do great things.  She reguarly collects clothing, and distributes throughout Africa, and the Carribean. 

Last year Pastor A Thompson was in Gambia doing her work.  This year she will be travelling to Nigeria to proceed with her work with the poor and needy.

Pastor is currently in the UK promoting her services.  She will be travelling to Jamaica in the coming months again, to distribute her collection amongst the needy.

Pastor A Thompson is well known amongst the New Testament and the Baptist church community in the UK, where she is well respected and known for her work.

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